Wheelroom connects your code base within 5 minutes to many services like Contentful and Netlify. The Wheelroom boilerplate includes content models, page sections, wheelroom themes, example content and much more.

Why Wheelroom?

Wheelroom is an open source project and created for developers that want to work with the latest technology and services. Wheelroom seamlessly connects many services and renders a data driven client side interface. Check for more information the plugins or start building your own project with the Wheelroom boilerplate.

Wheelroom boilerplate

With the Wheelroom boilerplate you can build your own client side application with JAMstack technology. It is secure, super fast, low cost and scalable.


Feel free to contribute to the open source Wheelroom project. Do you have question or a feature request, please add an issue.

  • Jacco Meijer

  • Thijs Krooswijk